About Aqua Silver

About us

Tokyo, Japan based Aqua Silver specializes in the design and marketing of Jewelry, emphasizing Silver Jewelry, combination of various metals, semi-precious stones and leather. Our Jewelry appeals to a range of customers of different ages and styles, and can easily be found in our five unique Jewelry brands.

Aqua Silver has 40 Jewelry shops in Japan and our designs may be found in additional shops throughout Japan. We also make our Jewelry available to select international clients.

Our designers are top-notch graduates of design schools in Japan and Australia. We put great emphasis on the quality of out products, and each adheres to strict quality assurance. 

A little background

Aqua Silver was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1993 and quickly developed into a leading retail Jewelry brand employing 150 workers in Japan. The company deals mainly in the production and marketing of Jewelry, emphasizing Silver Jewelry, metal combinations and additional materials.

Aqua Silver has 40 shops located throughout Japan in shopping malls, leading retail chains and high fashion designated locales. Dozens of additional stores sell Aqua Silver's Jewelry in consignation. A portion of our Jewelry designs are also sold wholesale to select stores.

The company employs six accomplished and award-winning designers, graduates of leading design schools in Japan and Australia.

We carry hundreds of different items (rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.) combined with semi-precious stones as well as diamonds of varying values. All our Jewelry items can be found under our five unique Jewelry brands, each appealing to a variety of customers.

The company runs/owns two production plants/factories in Thailand and Tokyo, which produce the lion share of the Jewelry we market. Aqua Silver controls and manages the entire process from design, through production, to marketing leading to a quality of our Jewelry collections that is unrivaled worldwide. Our production lines use the finest, most advanced machinery available in the market today. Our quality assurance adheres to the strictest of guidelines to live up to our Japanese and Global market expectations. The combination of our two factories allows us to be self-reliant, to produce the finest quality products and to offer them at competitive prices.