Silver Pendants

Chosen for its beauty and strength, sterling silver pendants has a lifetime of sustainability. When you are shopping at for a sterling silver pendants, you have many styles and designs to choose from. All of our silver pendants are originals and designed by our designers. Sterling silver pendants, for mens and women with gemstones, diamonds and cz can bring color to any outfit for any occasion. Check the Aquarelle silver pendants, our unique gradation plating technic that take the pendant to a new level. Check our large silver pendants collection and we sure you will find silver pendants that will fit to the fashion statement you care to make.

Simple Silver Pendants

At the simple silver pendants section you can find variety of silver pendants that will fit to your classic look.

You can find a large collection of classic sterling silver pendants in variety of designs that will fit to any occasion and event. You can find large or small silver pendants, all our original designs. Those silver pendants comes plain or oxidize and made at the best quality.

Silver Pendants with Stones

At this section of silver pendants with gems stones you can find large selection of silver pendants with all kinds of gems stones for women and mens.

We have a large selection of gem stones like amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, shell (black & white), blue sapphire, diopside, emerald, garnet, spinal, hematite, iolite, onyx, smoky quartz and more. You can find large variety of silver pendants with cz and black cz. If you see a pendant you like and you wish to have the pendant with a different gem stone please let us know and we will do our best to make it for you.

Silver Plated Pendants

Large selection of silver pendants with variety of colors for women and mens.

If you wish to add some colors to your silver pendants collection that's the place to be in. You can find dioxide silver pendants and the aquarelle technic, unique gradation technic from Japan. At the aquarelle collection you can find silver pendants with variety of colors like blue, red, pink, purple and more that give unique addition to your silver pendant.

Silver Cross Pendants

At this section you will find all kinds of silver cross pendants for women and mens. You can find classic style silver crosses pendants and new designs with variety of colors, finishing styles and gem stones.

Large selection of silver crosses in all sizes for women and mens. You can find classic and simple cross silver pendants, crosses with gem stones and variety of colors and styles. All the crosses are our original designs.

Silver Coins Collection

Based on popular coins we created our silver coins collection. Unique designs to familiar coins.

At the coins collection we took the original coin design and created a new silver pendant based on those motifs. we used coins from UK, Denmark, Brazil and more. You can find new combinations of metals and colors at the silver coins pendants section.